Proof is in the pudding.

Former CEO, Golden Key International Honour Society, Atlanta

Alex Perwich, July 2009 - currently President, Contained Energy; EVP Phycal

"Despite significant institutional resistance, both internal and external, Jonathan was instrumental in helping me transform Golden Key’s marketing and customer support operations from a status quo, highly bureaucratic, process-centric, inflexible nature to a flexible, customer-centric, value driven and delivering operation. Moreover, Jonathan’s intimate knowledge of the Canadian marketplace enabled us to incorporate that country's campaign into the US-based international head office operations for the first time. The new marketing materials and streamlined business and customer care systems he developed and implemented helped Golden Key beat its budgeted membership goals!"

Partner, Maintrax Response Measurement, Minneapolis

David Patchen, August 5, 2010

“I've worked with Jonathan on marketing campaigns both as his creative and marketing analytics vendor many times over the years. He instinctively knows what actionable marketing strategies will work and strongly believes in marketing science as a key to measurable success. Jonathan understands his customers, takes a long view on the impacts of marketing to the bottom line as well as front-end immediate response, and takes great pains to ensure the details are just right. I greatly value his opinion and insights into the industries we target.”

Director New Business Development, dDirect, Atlanta

Melanie Jones, October 14, 2008

Jonathan is a marketing visionary with all the necessary tools needed to transform a vision into a logical and detailed action plan. His action plans always provide for measurable results, which is key in direct marketing campaign management. Jonathan rolls up his sleeves in working with staff, management and business partners. Working with Jonathan I've witnessed his efforts to actualize drastic strategic and creative changes to turn things around within an organization. He understands the critical elements of testing and projects his ideas with expert logical marketing reasoning. Good guy with positive attitude. I recommend Jonathan to any organization needing a leader who is not afraid to lead.”

"Always hire A's.  In the first place, they are more fun to work with.  Secondly, they push you into excellence." - Denny Hatch


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Business Sales Manager, Calgary Cable TV, Calgary

Curt Olson, September 13, 2007; Calgary Cable is now part of Shaw Communications

“Jonathan is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has an amazing ability to get marketing results. He is a creative writer, and has a good eye for successful copy and design as well as the bottom line, which is not always easy an easy leap for a creative marketer. He’s also very diplomatic and knows what it takes for organizations to bring in and keep customers. He is truly an amazing resource.”