Dear Marketing or Ad Agency Owner…

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I came across this site today for a marketing agency in Toronto. I won’t say which one, but they’ll know it when the see this… Or I hope they will.

Dear _____________, CEO,

Yeah, I know video is all the rage.

But if you’re a creative agency and you have nothing on your website other than 5 to 7-minute videos, many potential clients wouldn’t even stick around to hear your wonderful story. Especially if you’re not a pure video production agency and actually have a direct marketing, fulfillment and call centre operation, as you apparently do.

Yes, videos are nice, but most business people want to “get” what you do in 10 seconds. And how can I print a video to show to The Big Guy?… Or a series of them that takes 30 minutes to view? He certainly wouldn’t stop to view them.

I found no descriptive text — nada — zero — on your site about what it is that you can do for a potential client. In fact, excellent verbiage is on your LinkedIn page. So, why not put that on your website?

Video (or Flash, for that matter) should augment your message, not take it over… Or how’s this for an idea: Give the viewer a choice to watch it. Amazing concept, eh!? That advice comes from a guy with a broadcasting background.

And while you’re at it, make sure people can reach your site without typing www in front of it (or without it). Yours doesn’t. And it’s likely about a 30-second fix via a setting in your web host’s control panel.
“Not Found
HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.”

Sincerest regards,


Jonathan Blaine

I've always called myself a "Marketing Guy." If I had a brand and logo, perhaps that would be my slogan. Measuring ROI is huge. Just because you're now using "new media" does not mean marketing fundamentals should be discarded. Customers' desires do not change. I'm a "right-brained creative analytical" guy (if you can fathom such a thing) who looks at a project several different ways. My first instinct is usually the correct one. I'm a "doer," and often a "diplomatic fixer;" someone who gets things done and still gets a thrill out of customers actually buying something because of something I mailed to them, or an ad I placed. Most of my success has come from strategy, writing, how ideas are presented to the potential customer and the actual thoughts that somehow originate within the ether between my ears. As a fan of DM guru Denny Hatch, I believe that the brand should never outweigh the message, and that art should never win over copy. The mix has to be “just right.” And continually tested. I have solid ryttan, err, written and verbal communication skills, and a reputation for consistently producing cost-effective quality work.

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